Huelskamp Throws Hat In For Post With Trump Admin

Kerry Picket Political Reporter
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WASHINGTON — Outgoing Kansas Republican Rep. Tim Huelskamp wants to be part of the incoming Trump administration.

According to Huelskamp, he is “getting ready to” send his resume to the Trump transition team, noting there has already been contact with the Trump team and potential interest in Huelskamp from president-elect Donald Trump himself.

“The resume is going in and we’ve had electronic communications,” Huelskamp told The Daily Caller Wednesday night.

Referencing the recent purge of lobbyists and DC insiders from the transition team, Huelskamp said, “There’s no flight to the Trump Tower or anything like that, but I’m pretty excited about what I saw in the last 24/48 hours. The same old folks that always do transition — we need new folks to bring that in.”

The Freedom Caucus member added, “I’m certainly not an establishment guy, but I think I have the type of  policy experience and I’m outside the establishment that fits in with what Donald Trump said he wanted to do in the campaign.”

Huelskamp, who has a PhD in agricultural policy, said the position of Secretary of Agriculture interests him.

“We haven’t had a farmer in charge of that agency in 25 years. We’ve had attorneys. God bless attorneys but I think we’re ready for some new policies over there on the trade side that would help give a more decent shot for American agriculture.”

Huelskamp says his family farm in Kansas, run by his brother, grows corn, wheat, milo, soybeans.

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