These Mugshots Of Commie Trump Protesters From ‘Red Guards Austin’ Will Make Your Day [PHOTOS]

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Police in Austin, Texas have released the identities and mugshots of six communists who participated in weekend demonstrations near the state capitol building in response to the election of Donald Trump as president.

Specifically, the Texas Department of Public Safety told South Texas CBS affiliate KGBT-TV, the communist protesters were arrested because they participated in an assault against other demonstrators who had come out to support Trump.

Here are the arrested communists:

Texas Department of Public Safety mugshots

Texas Department of Public Safety mugshots

Texas Department of Public Safety mugshots

Texas Department of Public Safety mugshots

The arrested communists are Jarred Roark, Taylor Tomas Chase, Joseph Wayne George, Samuel Benjamin Lauber, Jason Peterson and Jade Tabitha Shackelford.

Roark, 34, faces a charge for assaulting an individual.

Shackelford, 19, faces a charge of felony assault on public servant.

Chase and Lauber, both 21, have been charged with interference with public duty and resisting arrest. Peterson, 24, faces the same pair of charges.

George, 36, faces a charge of interference with public duty.

Austin police chief Art Acevedo has called for calm and asked protesters to exercise their rights peacefully.

“If you really want to stand for your position and views, take those masks off,” Acevedo said, according to KGBT-TV. “Stop covering your face. Because historically, the only people who cover their face are people who are agitators and people that at some point are really anarchists.”

The Red Guards Austin Facebook page is festooned with an image featuring an upside-down, burning U.S. flag and a Soviet hammer-and-sickle symbol. “Don’t Vote. Revolt!” the image reads.

“Red Guards Austin is a Marxist-Leninist-Maoist collective of community organizers and mass workers based in Austin Texas,” the group’s Facebook about page explains.

As of the wee hours of Wednesday morning, the most recent Red Guards Austin Facebook entry asserts that “a comrade” nicknamed “Puka” “was beaten by the cops.”

The actual identity of “Puka” is unclear.

“After finally getting comrade Puka out of the clutches of the pigs, he was immediately rushed to the hospital for severe neck and shoulder pain,” the entry explains.

Despite his injuries, Comrade Puka is “in good spirits and is only concerned about people taking up the fight,” the page assures.

“All donations are still extremely helpful especially as we settle legal and medical bills.”

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