Richard Dawkins’ Intolerance And Elitism Knows No Bounds

Ray Comfort Christian Author
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Writing in the journal Scientific American, reacting to Donald Trump’s historic win, Professor Richard Dawkins said that New Zealand is a “deeply civilized small nation” and that they should try to lure top scientists from the U.K. and U.S. who are eager to escape their countries.

He said that the “two largest nations in the English-speaking world have just suffered catastrophes at the hands of voters — in both cases the uneducated, anti-intellectual portion of voters”.

As a New Zealander who adopted America as my new home in 1989, I know something about this but would like to narrow it down a bit: I think Dawkins should limit it to evolutionary scientists. New Zealand is made up of three main islands, so I suggest they all go to the smallest, called Stewart Island. It’s the last stop to the South Pole. When they arrive, they should then sink the boat that took them there, and cut off all communication with the rest of the world. This is because Darwinian evolution is unproven and unprovable.

In my movie “Evolution vs God” I asked evolutionary professors from USC and UCLA for scientific evidence of Darwinian evolution (as Richard Dawkins so often calls it) and all they could cite was “speciation” and “adaption.” Speciation is evident in the different dogs we see, from the Chihuahua to the Great Dane. That’s simply variety within the dog kind. It’s not Darwin’s evolution, which looks for a change of kind.

Neither is it adaptation, which we see in the beaks of birds adapting to their surroundings. The birds are still birds, and the dogs are still dogs. The professors pointed to changes in bacteria, but again, the bacteria remained bacteria.

The leap from evident adaptation is like the leap of saying there are different sorts of pumpkins, therefore Cinderella’s fairy Godmother turned the pumpkin into a coach. The link is still missing. There’s no evidence.

Those scientists (and celebrities) who are tempted to go to New Zealand because they think that it is secular Heaven, should know that New Zealand was founded by Christian missionaries–who named one of its largest cities after Jesus Christ and put a huge church in its center. Every day the New Zealand Parliament opens with a Christian prayer. Every international rugby game begins with a song honoring God and asking for His protection of country. The national flag contains a cross, and the country still shuts down every year to honor the birth of Jesus.

Professor Dawkins has spent much of his life telling young people in the United States that human beings are animals with no more worth than an adult pig. He believes that mild pedophilia is okay and that those who teach their children that God exists are guilty of child abuse.[

Dawkins also said in Scientific American that there were top scientists in the US and the UK – “talented, creative people, desperate to escape the redneck bigotry of their home countries”.

The professor calls me and millions of Americans uneducated, anti-intellectual, bigots, and rednecks because we believe that our young people are of more value than pigs, that they have been given a sense of morality by their Creator–who created all men equal with certain unalienable rights, and that any form of pedophilia is morally wrong.

I chose to come to America for precisely the reasons that Dawkins wants others to leave, and I’m so grateful that Americans have welcomed me into my adopted home. I’m thankful for this wonderful country and pray that it may always be “one nation under God.”

Ray Comfort is an evangelist and filmmaker. His latest film “The Atheist Delusion” is available at FullyFreeFilms.com