Bye Bye, Bernie: Fox News Personalities Topple Socialist Senator

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On Tuesday, the Daily Dealer informed its readers about Fox & Friends host Ainsley Earhardt’s new children’s book, “Take Heart, My Child,” noting that it was, at the time, the #2 bestselling book on Amazon. The only thing ahead of it on the bestselling list was Bernie Sanders’ new memoir “Our Revolution.”

No longer. In the past two days, Sanders has been dethroned by not one but two different Fox News personalities. Earhardt’s “Take Heart, My Child,” is now the #1 bestselling book overall. Second on the list is “Give Please A Chance,” a collaboration between Bill O’Reilly and famed novelist James Patterson. The kicker? “Give Please A Chance” doesn’t even come out until Tuesday, November 21. In other words, pre-orders for Bill O’Reilly’s children’s book have outpaced Bernie Sanders’ account of his presidential campaign. Ouch.

'Take Heart, My Child' is subtitled 'A Mother's Dream' (Photo via Amazon)

‘Take Heart, My Child’ is subtitled ‘A Mother’s Dream’ (Photo via Amazon)

“Take Heart, My Child” — $11.39 Hardcover/$10.99 Kindle

O'Reilly and Patterson's illustrated picture book emphasizes the importance of the word 'please' (Photo via Amazon)

O’Reilly and Patterson’s illustrated picture book emphasizes the importance of the word ‘please’ (Photo via Amazon)

Pre-order “Give Please A Chance” — $11.38 Hardcover/$11.99 Kindle

WATCH O’Reilly and Patterson Discuss “Give Please A Chance“:

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