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Stockholm Crippled By ‘Feminist’ Snow-Removal Plan

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Lefties have given us some really great theories, as long as they’re never put into practice. For example, do you like your doctor? If so: Have you kept your doctor?

In related news, we’ve got plenty of precious snowflakes here in America. You might’ve seen them this past week, melting down over losing an election like it’s the first time such a thing has ever happened in the history of the world. But not all snowflakes are as easy to move aside, as the city of Stockholm has learned.

Steve Weatherbe, Life Site:

A “feminist” snow removal plan that dictated sidewalks be cleared before streets plunged Sweden’s capital in chaos after a record snowfall.

The biggest snowfall in 111 years proved the first real test for the “feminist” or “gender-equal” snow removal policy brought in by a new municipal council controlled by a Left-Green coalition.

The city government is intent on putting as much civic energy into clearing bike paths and sidewalks used by environmentally- and fitness-minded women as into the roads frequented by male-dominated motor vehicle traffic.

The result? Cars, buses, trains, everything was brought to a halt. Commuters abandoned their vehicles to get home to their families. Schools and businesses were closed. The whole city came to a standstill.

But hey, the feminists and other lefties were happy! At least the ones who didn’t have anywhere to be. Who needs a functioning city when you’ve got clear bike paths?

I’ve spent most of my life in Indiana, but the most inconvenient winters I’ve ever seen were the ones I spent in Washington, DC. The second-most powerful city in the world, and that place shuts down completely the minute they get a flake of snow. They’re so busy trying to build Utopia, they don’t bother figuring out how to deal with the natural world first.

No plan ever survives contact with the enemy. And the left’s biggest enemy is reality.

(Hat tip: Dana Loesch)