Texas Christian University Offers A ‘Post-It Wall’ To Promote Student Healing After Trump Victory

Lauren Dooley/TCU student

Annabel Scott Contributor
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Students at Texas Christian University in need of “healing” after Trump’s historic victory last week can now post their feelings on a wall­ — and no, it’s not a Facebook wall.

Ashley English, a strategic communication professor at TCU, created a Post-it note wall outside her office to provide a place to “promote healing after the election.”

Four large sheets of paper cover a wall in the university’s communication building. The first sheet states, “How can we promote healing after the election? Use a posted note and share your ideas.”


The remaining sheets offer three categories of healing: “as an individual,” “as a university” and “as a nation.” Post-it notes and markers were placed next to the sheets for students to use.


English told TCU 360, the university’s student newspaper, that she hoped the wall of healing would encourage students to promote unity after the election.

“I knew that half of the people I encountered the next day after the election results were announced would be thrilled and excited about what had occurred, and then there was a population that would be distraught, concerned and shocked,” English told TCU360. “Part of this opportunity was to give students the opportunity to think about, whether you’re happy or sad, what is your responsibility to encourage unity.”

Despite the wall promoting post-election healing, English told TCU360 that she hoped Trump supporters would take advantage of the opportunity to express their opinions on the wall.

“People felt that they wanted to support Donald Trump, and if they express that publicly they would get ridiculed,” says English. “People felt ‘I need to hold this in,’ and that’s something that resonated with me. Why do people feel they can’t say out loud where they really are?”

As of Wednesday night, over 100 Post-it notes covered the sheets. Many of the notes call for unity and respect, others express support for the President-elect, and some simply read “pray”, “cry” or “speak up”.

One student combined multiple notes on the “as a university” sheet writing, “DO NOT tell minorities they are over reacting. We aren’t being heard well enough.”

A note on the “as an individual” sheet attempts to give some uplifting advice, stating “Bad times are just times that are bad. We can and will get through this.”

According to TCU 360, English plans keep the wall of healing on display for students needing a place to express and share their opinions.