Holy Cow! The Price Of Amazon Prime Dropped From $99 To $79 Today Only – Just In Time For The Holidays

Jack Kocsis | Director of Commerce

If you don’t have Amazon Prime yet, you need to reconsider. The holidays are coming up, and you definitely do not want to be one of those folks who has to give an IOU (“trust me, your gift is on the way!”) come Christmastime. Amazon Prime eliminates that concern with free two-day shipping. Oh, and it also comes with unlimited streaming of thousands of movies and TV shows. (Do you want to watch old HBO shows like the Sopranos but don’t have HBO? Amazon Prime has you covered). The free shipping, the unlimited streaming of content (which also, by the way, now includes a vast music library), the free unlimited photo storage. It’s honestly pretty silly to go through life these days without Amazon Prime.

I can see one reason why you would not want to get Amazon Prime, and that is because it costs $99. A hundred bucks is not cheap. But today only, the price is just $79. Seventy-nine measly dollars for all the stuff I just mentioned! If you buy stuff from Amazon (and you do because it’s 2016 and you almost certainly buy things) then you will make up for this $80 very, very quickly. It’s a no-brainer.

To make things even better, Amazon is launching a new original series, “The Grand Tour,” from the people who brought you “Top Gear.” If you like cars, if you like adventure, if you like excitement…you will like this show. Unfortunately, it is only available to Amazon Prime members. Fortunately, you can be an Amazon Prime member today for just $79.

Amazon Prime, today only — $79

WATCH The Grand Tour Trailer:

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