Trump Pool Reporter Emphasizes That He’s Staked Out In A Drainage Ditch

Betsy Rothstein | Reporter

The Guardian‘s Ben Jacobs is already awaiting President-elect Donald Trump‘s arrival in Bedminster, N.J. for the weekend. Unlike the Washington pool reporters who typically camp out in a food court while President Obama golfs, Trump’s “supplemental” pooler is hanging out in a drainage ditch and resting his coffee cup on a guard rail.

Jacobs is so taken by the drainage ditch that he mentions it twice.

Already bothered by his locale, he’s also ingesting exhaust fumes from automobiles.

Trump made no secret of how he feels about reporters on the campaign trail, calling them “dishonest” and “sleaze” and “scum.”

It was only a few weeks ago when Jacobs, who previously wrote for The Daily Beast, pissed off Conservative Twitter and some liberals when he tweeted Trump out of a context after he spoke at a rally in Moon Township, Pa.

What he wrote: “Trump: We are going to deliver justice the way it used to be in this county.”

What Trump said: “We are going to deliver justice the way justice used to be in this country, at the ballot box on November Eighth,” Trump said. “Clinton is guilty. She knows it, the FBI knows it, and the people know it. And it’s up to the American people to deliver justice at the ballot.”

So it’s hard to envision Trump inviting Jacobs in for cake.

Read Jacobs’ pool report below (bolding, mine):

And after the experience he had with bringing BuzzFeed‘s McKay Coppins to Mar-a-Lago, it’s hard to believe that Trump is going to allow the reporters trailing him to lap up any luxury here.

“Your supplemental pooler has arrived outside Trump National Golf Club Bedminster. He is currently standing in the drainage ditch across the street from the main entrance. The property owner has given him permission and at least one other reporter permission to do so.”

“The street, Lammington Road, is lined both ways with bright orange signs from the township of Bedminster stating ‘No Standing, Stopping or Parking.’ The signs go significantly further to the west than the east.”

“Your supplemental pooler now holding in the drainage ditch resting a coffee cup on the guard rail as he enjoys an unseasonably mild November day in New Jersey and the exhaust fumes from passing traffic.”

UPDATE: The Guardian‘s Jacobs apparently tried to move from the drainage ditch and got stopped in his tracks. He wrote in a subsequent pool report, “Officer Greenstein of the Bedminster Police is claiming that we need written permission from the property owner per orders from his chief. The property owner is not home and your pooler is returning to the drainage ditch.”

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