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Did The ‘Hamilton’ Cast Even Vote?

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When Mike Pence went to a showing of Hamilton on Broadway the other night, he was stepping into enemy territory. The cast, led by actor Brandon Dixon, made a point of lecturing him from the stage. They initiated a confrontation. But if they’re so worried about Pence being a heartbeat away from the presidency, did they actually do anything about it on Nov. 8?


A Radar investigation revealed that some of the opinionated actors in the play about America’s founding fathers neglected to vote in past presidential elections…

Records show that Brandon Dixon, who plays Vice President Aaron Burr and read the offending cast statement to Pence, didn’t even vote in the 2012 presidential election!

Javier Muñoz, who plays the title role of Hamilton, registered to vote in 2006, and voted that year, but hasn’t since.

Huh. Well, maybe they did, maybe they didn’t. It would be nice if they did, but there’s no reason to assume so.

Dixon says he was just having a “conversation” with Pence, but…

conversation (n): Any dialogue in which the liberal does all the talking.