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Piers Morgan Makes Light Of Wanting To Be Donald Trump’s Press Secretary

Guess Ruelas/Twitter

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Daily Mail columnist Piers Morgan really wants to be Donald Trump‘s White House Press Secretary. He bragged about it at a summer party in the UK.

Now he’s acting all jocular about it.

Telegraph blogger Cathy Newman (“2 husbands, mum of 2”) asked the ex-CNNer, “So are you going to be @realDonaldTrump press secretary then?!”

This is not an implausible question considering Morgan had a 15-minute phone conversation with The Donald last week. Although his U.S. colleague, David Martosko (phony, insecure, arrogant, braggart, etc…), might be upset if Morgan landed the job.

Morgan does seem to be auditioning for the part. He wrote Tuesday morning, “One thing’s clear from this year’s political earthquakes: the left are 100 times less tolerant than those they accuse of intolerance.”

The Mirror prefers Morgan a thousand times to Martosko for the West Wing position.

But his chances are slim as his anti-gun rights stances aren’t likely to mesh with Trump.

He replied to Newman’s question with either a touch of seriousness or sarcasm: