Watching Black Friday Brawls Becomes National Pastime

REUTERS/Andrew Kelly

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While many Americans look forward to saving money on clothes and gadgets on Black Friday, a growing number of social media users excitedly awaited the day after Thanksgiving for another reason: watching mobs of their fellow Americans resort to physical violence for the sake of saving a few bucks.

Users flooded Twitter with reminders to — if witnessing a fight — “be considerate” and hold one’s phone horizontally, so as to ensure a better viewing experience.

Some indicated they would venture out of their houses to Walmart or shopping malls in hopes of witnessing fights take place in person. “Got my popcorn ready,” on user commented. “I’m going to Walmart today to watch idiots get in fights. It’s gonna be great!!!” said another.

Others giddily watched and shared videos of the chaos on social media (ideally recorded with a horizontal phone). (RELATED: Everybody Is Talking About This Video Of Shoppers Fighting OVER TOWELS On Black Friday)

Their hopes were in large part fulfilled, as videos emerged of utter chaos taking place around the country.

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