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Journalist Hater Accuses Reporter Of ‘Jerling’ Off

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Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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A notice to journalist haters everywhere: If you’re going to mock the Fourth Estate, please learn how to spell.

Or else face the ridicule of the reporter you’re trying to annihilate.

In what amounted to a failed takedown of Washington Post reporter Chris Cillizza, who keeps admitting just how wrong he is at analyzing and predicting politics (which, I think, is his job), a hater on Twitter told him to stop “jerling off.” During the campaign, he sympathized with Hillary Clinton‘s cough, saying he, too, has allergies. The next week she ultimately admitted she had pneumonia. Uh….whoops?

On Monday he wrote yet another mea culpa. Is “The Fix” blog going to change its name to “Why I’m Always Wrong” for awhile?

Of course, the hater needling Cillizza meant masturbation. But somehow she got the “k” confused with an “l” and destroyed her entire point.



Cillizza didn’t waste any time responding to Ms. Stevie.

He replied with a single word attached to her insult. In effect, pointing out her flub.



Others weighed in.

“Poorly educated,” wrote one follower.

Ms. Stevie took the whole thing in stride, saying, “Jerking? Thx for the autocorrect.”

Someone else added, “Sounds European.”

Still another backed Cillizza by employing a Trumpism: “Such a nasty woman.”

IJR‘s Jason Howerton was apparently so impacted by the error that he made a scene on an airplane. “LOL I just burst out laughing on my flight,” he shared. “Ppl are staring and I don’t care. Now leave me alone, you jerl off.”

After all the public shaming, Ms. Stevie soon grew agitated. She lashed out at Cillizza and commented on his masturbation skills. “LOL,” she wrote. “Of course you wld know it’s jerking off. Chronic masturbator and degenerate gambler.”

Soon enough, NYT and CNBC’s John Harwood, who cozied up to Hillary Clinton‘s presidential campaign with such reckless abandon, jumped in on the fun. “What a jerl-off,” he wrote.

The brief but nasty clash between so-called coastal “elites” and President-elect Donald Trump supporters concluded with a question:

“Fun with the undereducated?” asked an observer.