Clinton Campaign Begs For Volunteers To Help With Michigan Recount

(Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Chuck Ross Investigative Reporter
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Hillary Clinton’s campaign wants “all hands on deck” to help with a vote recount effort in Michigan, where Donald Trump beat the former secretary of state by 11,000 votes.

Katie Kelly, the Michigan head for Hillary for America, sent out an email on Wednesday asking for volunteers to help oversee the recount, which was spurred by Green Party candidate Jill Stein.

“That’s where you come in — we need all hands on deck. Will you sign up to volunteer to help with the recount here in Michigan?” reads Kelly’s email.

The email then directs recipients to a page where they can enter their personal information for future contact.

The Clinton team has insisted that it is not questioning vote tallies in Michigan, Wisconsin Pennsylvania — the three historically blue states where Trump bested Clinton.

Over the weekend, Clinton campaign general counsel Marc Elias wrote in a blog post that the campaign has not seen any evidence that the results of the votes in those states was inaccurate. But he said that after Stein stated that she wanted to challenge the results of those contests, the campaign wanted to oversee the process to ensure that it is conducted accurately and fairly.

But the call for help in Michigan would seem to suggest that the Clinton campaign has a bit more hope than Elias let on. It is the first time that the campaign has publicly sought volunteers to take part in the recount effort.

On Tuesday, Clinton joined Stein’s Wisconsin challenge as an “intervenor.” Stein, who received one percent of the vote nationwide, has raised more than $7 million to challenge the results in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania.

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