Charlotte Protesters Beg For Bail Money After Police Arrest Them

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Charlotte protesters begged the public for bail money after police arrested some of them during a rally Wednesday night.

Police arrested four protesters at a demonstration against the District Attorney’s announcement that Officer Brentley Vinson was justified in shooting Keith Lamont Scott, reports NBC News.

Landon Rice, 22, James Marsicano, 23, Eleanor Everette, 16, and Ngogloan Tran, 25, were arrested for obstructing traffic. Marsicano was also charged for resisting a public officer.

Charlotte Uprising, the organizer of the rally, took to Twitter to solicit bail money.

“URGENT–BOND MONEY NEEDED: CPD Targets Organizers In Non-Indictment In Killing Of Keith L. Scott!” one tweet read.

The group provided a link to the Freedom Fighter Bond Fund, a project of the Durham Solidarity Center. The Durham Solidarity Center is a volunteer-run organization that has hosted events like “Stop The War On Black America” and “Justice For Trayvon.”

“To comply with applicable IRS regulations, any funds we solicit are not earmarked for any specific person’s bail or legal costs—but rather for the Freedom Fighter Fund in general, which is dedicated in its mission to oppose state repression and support those who act in good conscience to advance the cause of justice and equity,” the website states.

Those who receive bond money, the website says, must follow certain “Principles of Unity.” This includes refraining from publicly denouncing activists in the media and refusing to assist police officers in actions against other activists.

Protesters marched Wednesday night through the streets of Uptown Charlotte, chanting “Stop the Lies!” The protesters were upset over the announcement that black officer Vinson was justified in shooting Scott.

“I’m out here today to protest the lack of indictment for the officers who murdered Keith Lamont Scott,” a student insisted to NBC News. “To me it reflects the ultimate continued theme of what we’ve seen throughout this nation’s history, where the state protects the states interest.”

District Attorney Andrew Murray declared that “all available and credible evidence” suggested Scott was armed at the time. Fifteen career prosecutors reviewed the investigation and all came to the same conclusion over the shooting, Murray said. (RELATED: Officer Who Shot Keith Lamont Scott Acted ‘Lawfully’)

“It is my opinion that Mr. Vinson acted lawfully,” Murray declared.

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