Tomi Lahren And Trevor Noah Face Off Over Black Lives Matter

Screen grab. Comedy Central.

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Tomi Lahren and Trevor Noah faced off over Black Lives Matter on “The Daily Show” Wednesday night.

(Photo: Comedy Central screen grab)

(Photo: Comedy Central screen grab)

Though multiple left-leaning outlets claimed Noah “obliterated,” “blasted” and “grilled” Lahren, “TheBlaze” host stood her ground when she explained that she lost respect for the Black Lives Matter movement once they started “pushing the false narrative” of “hands up, don’t shoot” and “rioting and looting and burning.”


When Colin Kaepernick was brought up, Lahren — who offered to have the quarterback on her show — denied that her arguments are ever rooted in racism.

“Why would you take out your perceived oppression of black people on our national anthem and our flag?” she continued. “A country that you live in. A country that you benefit from. A country that people of all races have died for, have died to protect, have died for the vote. How do you then go and disrespect the flag and the anthem of that country? Why is that the outlet?”

“Because I criticized a black person or I criticized the Black Lives Matter movement that doesn’t mean that I’m anti-black,” she said.

“It does not mean that I don’t like black people or that I’m a racist. I don’t see color. I go after Hillary Clinton and she’s as white as they come.”

“I wish that we could disagree with each other without thinking that we are bad people or ill-intentioned folks.”