Kellyanne Only Needed Five Words To Shut Down Clinton’s Entire, Cry-Baby Campaign [VIDEO]

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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Kellyanne Conway was the recipient of an outpouring of hate from Hillary Clinton’s campaign aides Thursday night, but she only needed five words to put their venom in perspective on “Fox & Friends” Friday morning.

“It’s ok because we won.”

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“Most of it was civil,” Conway said of Thursday’s post-election forum at Harvard University. “But I do think some people are stuck in the permanent campaign and not really passed the anger, grief and denial stages and entered the acceptance stage.”

She added that “yesterday in Indianapolis, people got a taste of what it’s going to be in a Trump-Pence administration.”

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“We’re open for business.”

Conway’s response illustrates a clear break in how Republican and Democratic strategists are handling the election results.

While the GOP and Trump’s transition team are concentrating on filling out the cabinet and assuring all of America — whether they voted for Trump or not — that the President-elect will govern on their behalf, Democratic leadserhip have exclusively engaged in inter-party blame games. (VIDEO: Dem Rep — Pelosi Staying In Leadership Shows ‘We Have No Strategy And We Have No Plan)

Though she provided an excellent one-liner on Fox, Conway said in a separate Friday interview that she found the Clinton campaign’s allegations “personally” hurtful. (RELATED: Conway Doubles-Down On Palmieri)

“I took that personally, and I know it’s not true, Gayle,” she told CBS’ Gayle King. “President-elect Trump has denounced every single element of that awful movement. He’s never met these people. He doesn’t ask for their endorsement.”

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