Students At Mediocre $62,500-Per-Year University Want A Trustee Fired Because He MET WITH Trump

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A group of students at American University protested on campus this week to demand the sacking of a member of the school’s board of trustees because the trustee, Gary Cohn, met with President-elect Donald Trump to discuss serving as Trump’s energy secretary.

Cohn, the president of Goldman Sachs and a former commodities trader, met with Trump on Monday.

By Tuesday, reports Campus Reform, an American University student group called the Community Action and Social Justice Coalition had started a Facebook page entitled — in yuge font — “DUMP TRUMP, FIRE COHN.”

“American University Trustee Gary Cohn met with President-elect Donald Trump. Cohn, as a member of the board has voting power to influence our tuition, our status as a sanctuary campus, and whether our [sic] not we divest from fossil fuels and other oppressive industries,” the Facebook page reads, in part.

“There’s no place for Trump’s hate at American University, or on its Board of Trustees. Gary Cohn has already proven himself a special interest beholden to Wall Street and Big Oil — not the AU community.”

A year of tuition, fees and room and board at American University currently runs each student about $62,500. (RELATED: America’s 14 Best Safety Schools)

By way of comparison, the median income of an entire household in the United States is $56,516, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

By way of further comparison, it would take an average household in Burkina Faso nearly 41 years to earn enough money to afford one person’s tuition, fees and room and board at American for a single year, according to figures from Gallup.

The protest against Cohn for having a meeting with Trump occurred on Nov. 30.

“Hey! Hey! Ho! Ho! These crooked execs have got to go,” was among the slogans shouted, according to Campus Reform.

“Who’s running our school? Goldman Sachs!” was another slogan.

The protesters marched to the house where American University president Cornelius Kerwin resides and delivered — or attempted to deliver — a letter explaining their demand that Cohn must go.

The day after Trump’s surprising presidential election victory, a somewhat rowdy group of American University students took out their frustration by burning American flags. (RELATED: NO SAFE SPACE: The Daily Caller’s YUGE Roundup Of Campus Freakouts After Trump’s Victory)

“Fuck Trump,” protesters chanted, according to Washington, D.C. Fox affiliate WTTG.

“Students have all these feelings of grief, disappointment, anger and they need a space in which to work them out,” an unidentified professor at the perennially safety school told the Fox station. “International students are scared. Students of color or LGBT queue are scared. How do we make them feel safe?”

Twitter video of the flag-burning fracas has become private since The Daily Caller initially publicized it.

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