Congress Must Say No To Obama’s $3.9 Billion Refugee Slush Fund

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Rep. Brian Babin Representative, U.S. Congress
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As he wraps up his final negotiations with the U.S. Congress over funding the government, Obama has demanded a $3.9 billion refugee resettlement slush fund.  This is nearly a 250% increase over current year funding for the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR).

This multi-billion dollar refugee slush fund would also send the message to tens of thousands of illegals who are waiting to cross the border that when they do, Uncle Sam has borrowed a few billion dollars from the Chinese in order to provide them with cash and welfare services – only serving to encourage more illegal border crossings.

The American people just elected Donald J. Trump because he pledged to reform the refugee program, secure our nation’s borders, and put the safety and security of the American people first.  A more than doubling of the ORR budget undermines these reforms at every step – encouraging more illegal immigration and sending taxpayer money to the sanctuary cities and organizations that are working overtime to stop Trump’s reforms.

Remarkably, Obama’s increased funding request comes at a time when the administration has cut a secret deal – hidden from Congress and the public – to import nearly 2,500 refugees that even Australia has deemed too dangerous.  The fact that the details of who these refugees are has been kept from Congress should be reason alone to reject this funding increase – not create a slush fund to provide these dangerous refugees welfare and handouts.

This also comes at a time when the Department of Homeland Security expedited the entry of a record 10,000 poorly screened refugees from hotbeds of radical Islamic terror, like the failed state of Syria.

Our nation’s law enforcement resources are already thinly stretched as they seek to keep tabs on a large number of radical Islamists here that include nearly 1,000 ongoing investigations.  This does not even include the many examples of terrorist attacks that were perpetrated by those not under surveillance.

The Ohio State terrorist was reportedly not under surveillance, as was the case with the Orlando terrorist, the San Bernardino terrorist and the Boston Marathon bombers.

Why would we further stretch the resources of law enforcement by bringing in thousands of additional people for law enforcement to track and keep tabs on, especially while innocent Americans have been targeted and killed?  The murder of Americans – if nothing else – should give us all pause about admitting refugees from hotbeds of terrorism.

I introduced legislation (H.R. 3314) over a year and a half ago that would suspend the refugee program, restore Congressional authority and require oversight regarding vetting practices and taxpayer cost.

My bill enjoys widespread support from my colleagues including key leaders in Congress like my Texas colleague, Michael McCaul, Chairman of the House Committee on Homeland Security who was one of the bill’s first cosponsors. We understand the serious threat the refugee program poses to our national security and the need to aggressively address this clear and present danger.

Congress must reassert its authority and reject this desperate effort by Obama to undercut one of the top priorities of the Trump administration before he is even sworn into office.  The American people have spoken and they want the President-elect to fix these issues. Let’s not undermine him.

Congressman Brian Babin serves the people of Texas’s 36th congressional district in the U.S. House of Representatives.