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Taiwanese Animators Love Trump’s Call To Tsai Ing-wen

I don’t know what the Trump presidency is going to be like, and neither does anybody else. Least of all him. But so far, it seems like every time he does something I don’t like, he turns right around and does something I like. Or vice versa.

For example, earlier today he met with Al Gore to talk about climate change. I don’t like that. But then the other day he brushed aside decades of appeasement to the Chinese with one phone call, which I liked. Almost as much as the Taiwanese did:

So far, World War III hasn’t broken out over it. And we got a funny Taiwanese cartoon out of it. Advantage: Trump.

Besides, I thought Democrats liked the idea of a female president? Maybe they’re just angry that the Taiwanese are better at breaking glass ceilings than they are. Or maybe they’re racists. Or, more likely, both. (It’s called intersectionality, educate yourself.)