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Bill Cosby Still In Big Trouble

(Photo: Reuters)

If you’re looking for reasons why 2017 will be less depressing than this year has been… keep looking.

Jeremy Roebuck, Philadelphia Inquirer:

Bill Cosby on Monday lost one of the biggest legal battles leading up to his looming sex-assault trial when a Montgomery County judge ruled that prosecutors can tell jurors about damaging, decade-old testimony in which Cosby acknowledged offering drugs to women he wanted to seduce…

In the deposition, Cosby testified that he had consensual sexual encounters with [Andrea] Constand and other women. He also said he obtained seven prescriptions for quaaludes in the 1970s to use in encounters with women he hoped to seduce.

Even if Cosby had successfully blocked that, it’s hardly the first time he ever talked about drugging women’s drinks. Hell, he was doing material about it back in the ’60s:

Seemed funny at the time. “Oh, that Coz!” Now, maybe not so much.

I really don’t want this stuff to be true. I’m trying to give him the benefit of the doubt. Trying to separate the art from the artist and all that. But it’s tough.

He’s never getting his reputation back. Those days are over. But if it’s true — if it’s true — the best thing he can do is admit it. Let go of his ego and ask for forgiveness. If he’s not the man we always thought he was, it’s not too late to start.

That goes for the other Bill, too. And Donald. Although they’re exactly what we always thought they were…

Speaking of perverts, The Brothers Grimsby is a gloriously stupid and offensive movie that has possibly the first cinematic joke about Cosby’s current problems. (Sacha Baron Cohen ain’t afraid to go there.) Plus, there’s an incredibly disgusting scene involving a herd of elephants that made me laugh harder than anything I’ve seen all year. While almost vomiting. Thanks to Mike & Jay at Half in the Bag for recommending it, and damn them for not warning me to keep something handy to barf in.