Louisiana Sheriff Goes On Explicit Rant On National Television Over Road Rage Shooting

Kaitlan Collins White House Correspondent
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Jefferson Parish Sheriff Newell Normand went on an expletive-laced rant during a press conference on live television Tuesday.

While speaking to reporters about the investigation into the man who shot Joe McKnight, Normand addressed obscene comments and threats that have been made toward officers in his department since the investigation began.

“Not a single witness has said up to this day that there was one racial slur uttered during the course of these events and unfortunately, a life was lost, but you want to know something, folks?” Normand said. “Two people engaged in bad behavior that day. Why? I don’t know, but they did.”

“It’s not fair for him to be called, ‘You punk ass Uncle Tom coon — We saw you sell out to them you rat ass faggot punk.’ That’s the tone of what we call our elected leaders for standing up and saying let justice prevail and let the process take its course?”

Tamron Hall then cut away from the press conference.

“Ladies and gentlemen, we’re going to pivot from this, what has been — first of all, let me apologize for some of the language,” Hall said.

“We were not expecting that. That is the sheriff from Jefferson Parish who used several — what he said were quotes directed at sheriffs in his department — slurs, racial slurs and homophobic that did not expect from the sheriff of a police department.”

Viewers watching on Twitter were outraged that MSNBC cut away.