Bloomberg, Le Pen And The Unwashed Masses

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A recent headline from left-of-center Bloomberg View stated:  “FRANCE NEEDS SOMEONE TO STOP LE PEN.”


This breathless pronouncement made by pampered liberal editors in-between attending posh cocktail parties organized to mourn the election of Donald Trump while mocking the ignorance of the unwashed masses ironically calls to mind another famous tone-deaf line regarding the people of France.  That being: “Let them eat cake.”

How nice – and quite arrogant — it must be to sit in a luxurious editorial boardroom in New York City walled-off from the hardworking citizens of the United States and issue edicts to the people of France.  What these liberal-elite editors clearly fail to understand, is that the joke is now on them.  Mr. Trump and actual working people are making them irrelevant.  With each passing day, their nanny-state declarations are being seen and exposed for what they are; liberal and socialist propaganda created solely to control and disenfranchise those they look down upon.

The Bloomberg headline pleading with the people of France not to vote for a person who not only has her finger on their pulse, but could dramatically improve their lives brings to mind a headline from the far-left Boston Globe last February.  In the midst of the Republican Primary, the elitist editorial writers of that paper whined:  “Massachusetts Voters Must Stop Donald Trump.”

“Must Stop.”  Wow.  Such naked and transparent desperation.  Surely the hardworking people of the Bay State heeded the orders of those better than them.

Not so much.  By the time these editorial writers had reached their own cocktail parties on Beacon Hill to receive backslaps from their fellow out-of-touch and wealthy liberals, voters in Massachusetts concerned for their futures had overwhelming voted for Mr. Trump.

That same day, I sent an email to a friend in the media with regard to Donald Trump saying:  “Let’s see, if every single entrenched establishment in both parties and the media is against you, you must be doing something right.”

Entrenched establishments which also include walled-off and ignorant Hollywood or music celebrities who like to embrace real murderous dictators, tenured liberal professors who love to discriminate against conservative and Christian thought from their Ivory Towers, and union leaders with lifetime pensions and health benefits care of the American tax payer.

All of these entrenched establishments having at least two things in common. First, that the rules they insist upon for the “little people” must never ever apply to them.  And second, they really, really don’t like it when these same “little people” start to think for themselves.

To them, there is nothing more threatening to the world than “Populist thought.”

Former British Prime Minister David Cameron just amplified that thinking when he both spoke out against a Le Pen election while sadly but predictably equating “populism” with “extremism.”  This being the same man who was on the wrong side of the populist movement within his own nation to leave the failing European Union.

To the vast majority of people living paycheck to paycheck and struggling to survive, these elitists command:  “Stop Brexit, Stop Trump, Stop Le Pen…Stop thinking for yourselves.  Don’t you ever forget that we do the thinking for you.”

And in that same spirit, Bloomberg View, David Cameron and others out of touch with the fears of real people, want the citizens of France to stop thinking for themselves and not vote for a “Populist” candidate.

They beg this of the people of France while Bloomberg is forced to admit that “Support for the Socialist Party has collapsed.”

Why would that be?

The collapse of the Socialist Party in France, much like the collapse of Liberal ideology here in the United States, being one more sign that the people now are thinking for themselves.  And what that pragmatic and commonsense independent thought is telling them is that someone has to work.  Someone has to pay the bills. Someone has to build and support the infrastructure of a nation.  That the “something for nothing – free healthcare and free college” rhetoric spread by the liberal-elites to buy votes and power is complete and utter nonsense.

Brexit passed.  Donald J. Trump was elected.  Marine Le Pen is gaining ground as are other “populist” candidates in Europe.

Liberal editors, politicians, Hollywood activists, college professors and union leaders who despise and fear this populist revolt must now come to grips with the fact that the people have started to think for themselves.  And worse, at least in private, they must admit to themselves that their policies have failed and it is that very failure which has given real voice to the unwashed masses.

Douglas MacKinnon is a former White House and Pentagon official and an author.