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If you’ve been reading the Daily Dealer in recent weeks, you are surely aware of a new product called Hillary’s Hammers. If not, you really need to, since it is the must-have stocking stuffer of Christmas 2016. (Read up on our initial review of the hammers here). We really believe in this product, which provides both utility and whimsy, making it a fun item to discover hanging above your fireplace on December 25. Starting today, Hillary’s Hammers is launching a “12 Days of Hillary’s Hammers” promotion. We like the hammers so much, however, that we went out to get you an even better deal on Day 1 – and we will continue to get you bigger and better discounts throughout the next 12 days.

Officially, Day 1 offers two free Hillary’s Hankys with the purchase of two original Hillary’s Hammers. We’re one-upping that and getting you $10 off two original Hillary’s Hammers (plus, of course, the two Hankys). So, while, two Hillary’s Hammers usually cost $40, you can get them for just $30 with the code DailyCaller1. (Furthermore, the Hankys each have a $10 value, so today presents the opportunity for a $30 saving. Not bad at all).

As a reminder, this is the original Hillary’s Hammer, useful for breaking ice and hammering small nails. And don’t forget its coolest functionality of all – it’s a bottle opener, as well!

Hillary's Hammers

Hillary’s Hammers

Two original Hillary’s Hammers + two Hillary’s Hankys on sale for $29.99 with code DailyCaller1

And here’s what the Hankys look like:

Hillary's Hankys (from Hillary's Hammers)

Hillary’s Hankys (from Hillary’s Hammers)

This deal is just the beginning of the 12 Days of Hillary’s Hammers. It lasts until noon tomorrow, December 9, at which point Day 2 will commence. Make sure to order your Hillary’s Hammer soon, though, so it will ship in time to arrive as a stocking stuffer this year.

Also, in case you missed our initial video review of the hammers, you can watch below:

WATCH Initial Review Of Hillary’s Hammers:

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