This Taxpayer-Funded University Is Scheming To Make EVERY MAJOR Teach ‘Black Studies’

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Taxpayer-funded Eastern Michigan University is currently implementing an 11-point “Black Student 10-Point Plan” which — among much else — will compel every department on campus to inject a “black studies” course into “the curriculum of every major.”

“Work on the Black Student 10-Point Plan has been underway for nearly a year and progress is being made,” Eastern Michigan staffer Calvin Phillips said at meeting last week, according to a school press release.

“A course on Black studies will be built into the curriculum of every major,” says point #3 of the “Black Student 10-Point Plan.”

“Black student leaders are working closely with faculty administrators to explore curricular options to” force “black studies” courses into every campus department, the Eastern Michigan press release explains.

“There are well-understood challenges in attempting to incorporate black studies into every major,” school administrators admit. “For example, it may be difficult to incorporate black studies into certain natural science majors” — physics, say, or mathematics.

In any case, injecting a racial component into every major “will require revisions to many courses.”

Another aspect of Eastern Michigan’s 11-pointed “Black Student 10-Point Plan” is a strategy to increase the number of black professors sharply so that the percentage in each department mirrors the percentage of black students enrolled at the school.

“Beginning this semester, all academic department heads and academic search committee chairs must undergo training designed to prevent bias in search processes,” the school’s press release explains.

“The Black student leadership on campus understands the challenges in attempting to hire a corresponding percentage of Black faculty, including legal limitations and the fact that there is a limited national pool of black faculty.”

Black students currently represent 18 percent of the student body at Eastern Michigan.

Interestingly, Eastern Michigan’s “Africology & African Studies faculty” is exempt from the plan to have the racial compositions of faculty in each department mirror the racial composition of the student population.

In the fall of 2016, “13 percent of new faculty hired” “self-identify as Black.”

Other aspects of the Eastern Michigan’s 11-pointed “Black Student 10-Point Plan” involve a plan to force all students to complete “a general course on race, ethnicity, and racism” and a plan to create a “designated space where marginalized students can gather safely and learn about financial and academic resources available to Black students.”

Also, under the 11-pointed “Black Student 10-Point Plan,” members of the Black Student Union will now be organizing a special, segregated “Black Homecoming.”

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