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SNL Finally Finds Humor In The President’s Unbridled Narcissism

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No, not the current president. The next one.

The following SNL sketch is a surreal, dreamlike number called “Through Donald’s Eyes.” In it, President-elect Trump is portrayed by guest host John Cena. (Apparently, Alec Baldwin has packed up his award-winning Trump impression again and crawled back under his rock.)

It’s a good idea for a sketch. There’s a lot of truth to it, and it’s executed skillfully.

And they could’ve done the same sketch at any point over the past eight years to mock Obama’s narcissism. Just replace the large hands with normal-sized ears, change Fox News to MSNBC, switch out the slob in a #MAGA hat for a Pajama Boy in a HOPE t-shirt, alter a few other details, and it’s the same deal.

Obama and Trump are two of a kind. That’s why they hate each other so much.

King Barry sees the world through a similarly distorted filter. It’s all about him. That’s why he gets angrier at Republicans who criticize him than at terrorists who kill his constituents. That’s why he spent so much time getting revenge on Trump for pushing the birther stuff.

Good call, Barry. You sure did humiliate that guy who hurt your feelings. You used the bully pulpit to smirk and gloat in his face, and it felt so good.

Hey, what’s the worst that can happen?

Barack Obama meets with Donald Trump in the Oval Office of the White House. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque

Where’d that big grin go, Mr. President?

So yeah, over the past eight years, we’ve seen plenty of evidence of Obama’s astonishing narcissism. But the SNL writers famously lamented that there wasn’t any way to make fun of the guy. They just couldn’t find a hook. How could they lampoon someone so perfect?

Naptime’s over, Lorne. Time to get back to work, because the man you actively helped promote has actually pulled it off. Let’s hope having someone to hate will Make SNL Funny Again.

P.S. Upon rewatching that sketch, my favorite part is the backhanded compliment they pay Mike Pence. They give Pence-as-seen-through-Trump’s-eyes the following dialogue:

“Work-job. Duty. Focus. Other people. Other people not Trump. So many people.”

At which point, Trump starts to fade out. Get it?

This will be something to remember if Pence ever runs for president. SNL is now on record calling him dutiful, focused, and concerned with the problems of other people. They’re setting him apart from Trump. They think he’s a serious man.

They’re right! If Trump/Pence had flipped the ticket, I would’ve voted for them without hesitation. Glad to see SNL finally coming around.