Angry Celebrities Call For Electoral College Coup Against Donald Trump [VIDEO]

Derek Hunter Contributor
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In an attempt to change Donald Trump’s electoral victory, a group of celebrities have produced a video appeal to Republican members of the electoral college hoping to get enough of them to not vote for Trump and deny him the required majority of 270.

The video features a variety of celebrities, like Martin Sheen and Noah Wyle. They say they aren’t asking Republican electors to vote for Hillary, just to not vote for Trump. If enough of them do so, they point out, the choice of the next president would fall to the House of Representatives, where Republicans hold the majority.


The group, called “Unite For America,” argues, “Only 37 Electors are needed to change the course of history,” and encourages Americans to make their own video appeal to the Electoral College.

The Electoral College votes on Monday, Dec. 19, and is expected to confirm Trump’s victory without controversy.