Local Politicians Now Using ‘Fake News’ Excuse

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A virtual non-issue in politics before the 2016 election cycle, “fake news” hysteria is now affecting local school board decisions.

A Nashville School Board vote on a resolution about the future of charter schools in the city was cancelled after a liberal board member claimed pro-charter school “fake news” necessitated indefinitely pushing back the vote, according to local news reports.

“Too much fake news has been circulated, so I would like to indefinitely defer consideration for this memorializing resolution,” board member Will Pinkston said at a Tuesday board meeting, WSMV reports. Pinkston reportedly blamed a pro-charter school email sent by the Nashville Chamber of Commerce for misleading board members.

Pinkston is a former Wall Street Journal reporter who left the news industry in 2002 to aid the Democratic party’s statewide efforts Tennessee. He has been a vocal opponent of charter schools

In the weeks since Donald Trump’s surprising electoral victory, many liberal journalists have blamed “fake news” for the disconnect between their largely anti-Trump coverage and the American voters who elected Trump anyway. (RELATED: Liberal Media See ‘Fake News’ Label Thrown Back In Their Faces)

Even as they declare war on “fake news,” many journalists have struggled to define the term. Some liberal journalists have openly called for their conservative competitors to be treated like “fake news” sources. (RELATED: Journalists Struggle To Define ‘Fake News’ Even As They Declare War On It)

Twice-failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has called “fake news” a danger to the public and wants Congress to intervene. (RELATED: Hillary Donors Could Have Fed 6 Million Hungry Children With Wasted Campaign Money)

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