Sanctuary Cities For Drug Addicts Might Be Next

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio: Brendan McDermid/Reuters

David Krayden Ottawa Bureau Chief
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President Barack Obama’s favorite foreign leader shifted culture further to the left this week.  No it wasn’t Russian president Vladimir Putin or Venezuela’s political chief Nicolas Maduro.  You guessed it:  Castro-eulogizing Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is the correct answer.

When Trudeau visited the U.S. last summer, it was like Obama had been reunited with a missing best friend.  The two got on like the ideological twins they are; Obama heralded Trudeau’s liberal policies and anointed this self-proclaimed male feminist as the new progressive torch-bearer – in doing so, the president reluctantly affirmed his diminishing days in office.  Just last week, Vice President Joe Biden made his pilgrimage to Trudeau, telling him that good liberals were going to have to look to the Canadian PM for help and reassurance now that Americans had gone and elected Donald Trump for at least four years.

Well, just this week, Trudeau’s government made a fateful decision that might well have sorry consequences for the U.S.  On Monday, Trudeau’s health minister, Jane Philpott, announced that it will be easier for Canadian cities to established “safe” injection sites in their jurisdictions without unnecessary care being taken to ensure that local law enforcement is satisfied or even consulted – never mind the public.

Now if you’re unfamiliar with the concept of a supervised injection sites – the reality is far more ominous than this innocuous description suggests.  These facilities allow heroin addicts to legally and, supposedly, “safely” shoot a potentially lethal drug into their veins – all under the friendly supervision of a friendly and attentive medical orderly.

You’re wondering how that makes it safe?  Well so do millions of Canadians – especially the ones living in east Vancouver, where an injection site continues to render the landscape replete with aggressive drug addicts, dirty needles and various drug paraphernalia.  The title of these drug addict factories is, of course, Orwellian newspeak at its finest:  there is nothing “safe” about using heroin – no matter how much you use or how you use it.  It would be a more appropriate use of the English language to entitle these facilities “addiction perpetuation sites” because that is exactly the objective achieved.

OK, so how does this affect the United States?  A lot of silly social experimentation gets kick-started in Canada and exported to the U.S.  And this phenomenon is no exception.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and his hapless council are considering one of these hell-holes for the Big Apple and a $100,000 study has been commissioned to that effect.  You know what the study will report, don’t you?  That “safe” injection sites work!  That they save lives!  That New York City needs one!

You know that liberals like de Blasio don’t stand still when common-sense Republicans get elected to the White House.  They still have an agenda to pursue.

If you’re not aware of the issue, don’t apologize.  The issue has not exactly been heralded on the front pages of The New York Times – but given that paper’s troubles, maybe that wouldn’t have helped anyways.

One candidate for New York council is actively fighting the culture war against de Blasio and council.  Bob Capano isn’t accepting any of the bureaucratic nonsense surrounding these facilities.  On Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight” he told the host, “Mayor de Blasio and the city council want to make New York City a sanctuary city for heroin junkies by making us literally the first place in the country to open these legal facilities where addicts and junkies can legally shoot-up and get high.” https://dailycaller.com/2016/12/03/nycs-liberal-mayor-wants-sanctuary-city-for-heroin-junkies-says-city-council-candidate-video/  It’s an interview worth watching.

The NYC mayor doesn’t require encouragement but he’s getting an ample supply from Canada’s Liberal government this week as they continue to promote and normalize a policy pestilence.

Americans – especially those living in New York – need to understand the potentially catastrophic consequences of this exercise in cultural Marxism and discourage him – big league.

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