Student Launches ‘Safewalk’ Program Due To Perceived Danger Of Post-Trump Election World

American University YouTube screenshot/American University

Alex Pfeiffer White House Correspondent
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WASHINGTON — America just elected a dictator and “differently abled” individuals might get beat up at night, according to American University student Ray Scheinman.

Two days after Trump’s election Scheinman launched “Safewalk,” which is a “way for students to connect with other students, for late night walks from the library, going home and around Tenleytown, navigating DC, etc.” A 2012 SafeWalk group created after reported incidents of groping near AU’s campus was the inspiration for Scheinman’s group.

“The world we’re living in is getting more dangerous, a xenophobic misogynist dictator was just elected to our nation’s highest office, making the world more dangerous for POC, LGBTQ+ individuals, Muslims, the differently abled, women, the undocumented, etc,” Scheinman wrote in a post in a private Facebook page for the group.

She added that, “American University has shown that it will not take the full course of action required when students make others unsafe on campus,” so the AU community will have to “take matters into our own hands.”

Several American University students, alumni, and employees then posted on the group the times they are able to help escort people. One AU employee made sure to point out to people that he “uses he/him pronouns.” There are just over 200 members in the private Facebook group for Safewalk.

Students at the Washington university have held multiple protests in the wake of Trump’s election. They burned a flag at one protest and at another demanded the resignation of trustee Gary Cohn for meeting with President-elect Donald Trump. Cohn has since been named the head of Trump’s economic council.

Several American University students told The Daily Caller that they thought Scheinman’s post was ridiculous.

One student in the Safewalk group made a sarcastic post making fun of the service. “Ive began to thank Moses for this group. As a Jew who voted for Hillary, I just don’t safe anymore. Especially considering that 93% of the District of Columbia voted for her too. I’ll just never know when one of the almost 10,000 trump voters in this whole city might be within a 100 meter radius of myself, which actually terrifies me to my inner core. Thanks guys.”