Cornell Student Claims She Was Attacked, Called ‘Racist B**ch’ For Being Republican

(Photo supplied by Olivia Corn)

Justin Caruso Contributor
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A student at Cornell University claims that she was the victim of a violent assault for her political beliefs.

Olivia Corn, president of the Cornell University College Republicans claims that the day after the election last month, she was shoved to the ground and her attacker yelled at her, “Fuck you, racist bitch. You support a racist party!”

She has reported the incident, and the Cornell police have opened a criminal investigation. Olivia told The Daily Caller that she did not see her attacker’s face and that a suspect has not been identified.

Corn has reportedly faced backlash from other students before, like when the College Republicans hosted Rick Santorum.

“I had people calling me fascist, racist, saying I should quit, that I was a disgrace to women,” she said.

The Tab reports that she has also been on the receiving end of death threats.

“‘Friends of mine would come back and tell me they heard things like: ‘I’m gonna throw acid in her face,'” she said.

Corn told the Cornell Sun in May that she planned on voting for Donald Trump in the election, and she has become well known around campus, leading her to believe that the attackers knew who she was, and targeted her for her beliefs.

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