‘RUDE’ — Fox Business Interview Goes From Bad To Worse For Nancy Pelosi’s Daughter [VIDEO]

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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Christine Pelosi’s Friday morning interview on Fox Business quickly devolved into an all-out screaming match with host Maria Bartiromo.

Maria Bartiromo (Getty Images)

Maria Bartiromo (Getty Images)

The Democratic campaign strategist — and daughter of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi — started by talking about the Russian government’s involvement in hacks of the DNC and RNC, yet refused to yield time for Bartiromo to offer any questions.

“Let’s not talk on top of each other, Christine,” Bartiromo stated in an attempt to regain control of the segment. “Christine! Wohooo! Christine! Hello?”

“Listen, let’s not talk on top of each other. Let’s not talk on top of each other, Christine, OK? The audience doesn’t know what you’re saying or what I’m saying if we talk on top of each other,” she added before asking, “how much of this is sour grapes on your side’s part?”


Instead of answering the question, Pelosi totally dodged and continued talking when Bartiromo tried to ask a second followup.

Maria Bartiromo (Getty Images)

Maria Bartiromo (Getty Images)

Finally, the Fox Business host exclaimed, “Christine, you’re killing me!”

“It’s so rude to talk on top of somebody else,” she continued. “And you’re just–you know what you’re doing? You’re giving the finger to the audience.”

Bartiromo accused Pelosi of “basically saying, ‘I don’t care about the voters. I don’t care about the voters, I just want to hear myself and the other person have an argument.'”

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