Tucson Is Melting Guns Again And It Is Against The Law

Alan Korwin | Contributor

We banned such waste by law. They’re ignoring it. 

But this law has teeth, and it’s biting.

Tucson is melting down guns it acquires. Again.

Arizona passed law specifically banning this wasteful practice, and now state attorney general Mark Brnovich has taken the action he is required to by law (this law has teeth!), to stop Tucson from illegally melting down guns.

State law requires cities to preserve this property, worth millions, instead of the politically correct nonsense happening there. Cities stand to lose state funding if they violate the law. But the case exposes something much deeper than withholding state shared funds, the $170 million penalty Tucson faces, that has one of our local columnists concerned about what strings governments can pull to control each other. It’s an issue, but tangential. Tucson’s squirm is that its structure makes it above the law. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

If Tucson, regardless of its political structure, somehow has the power to destroy guns it acquires, (it does not have the “right,” as the newspaper incorrectly says repeatedly, more grating to the nerves than hearing democrats constantly call our Republic a democracy), then nothing stops it from destroying cars it impounds — or anything else.

The city must have an obligation to preserve, protect and defend the assets it acquires. This is public property of enormous value and cannot be wantonly senselessly destroyed. With funds always in such short supply, and needs always so great, arbitrarily incinerating working property is essentially criminal.

The reason these guns are being municipally melted is a sign of a sickness — hoplophobia — and pure gunism, blind hatred and prejudice, with flagrant disregard for private property and the rule of law. The people who implement these policies need remedial counseling, possibly even penalties for some. Does destruction of public property come with no repercussions? Who covers the loss they cause?

Can you imagine demanding the destruction of impounded vehicles, because they are so much more dangerous to life than guns? And they pollute Earth? Do they realize firearms have to move through FBI background checks, they’re not “put on the streets” as media likes to help these misinformed politicians frame it. Cars are on the streets. Melting guns is irrational fear run wild, by politicians barely fit to serve.

FBI background check registrations are insufficient to these people. They begged and pleaded and campaigned for background checks, and now want more, but they’re obviously not enough. The smelter is the real issue.

This is the topic Tucson raises — violation of law by elected officials in pursuit of the same irrational perverse goal their fellow leftists pursue at everyone’s dangerous expense. Eliminating guns in public hands.

It is an impossible attempt to quench their paranoid fears by suppressing the rights of innocent people everywhere. The notion of guns at any level in the public’s hands is simply unacceptable to them. It’s not political, it’s medical, they’re hoplophobic, and a dire threat to freedom. Their unbalanced actions qualify them for removal from setting public policy and destroying valuable public property in the process, in violation of law.

Try this self test: If the government and political forces attempted to ban firearms outright, as the losing presidential candidate seemed predisposed to do, and some politicians have openly advocated for, who would be exempt? Circle as many as you think apply. The Secret Service, FBI, CIA, NSA, TSA, BATFE, National Guard, Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Supreme Court Police, Dept. of Agriculture Police, Homeland Security Police, EPA Police, NASA, Customs, Border Patrol, ICE, Coast Guard, Local Police (New York City has 51,000), County Sheriffs, 55 groups specified in federal statutes at last count, Other (specify, use extra paper if needed). Could the country have private investigators, body guards and armored car services, and finally, who would be in charge of banning firearms outright for people already banned, like armed criminals.

My White Paper on public policy for melting guns details the counterproductive nature of these plans, and the unintended harm they actually cause, written with Harvard expert Richard Shaw: http://www.gunlaws.com/mesamelt.htm

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