MTV Offers Up New Year’s Resolutions For ‘White Guys’ [VIDEO]

Derek Hunter Contributor
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As they suffer a significant ratings decline, MTV is sticking to its guns when it comes to its left-wing politics.

MTV News has released a video of “2017 resolutions for white guys.” The 1:20 long video features millennials listing various grievances and blaming white men for them.

“There’s a few things we think you could do a little bit better in 2017,” says one participant says.

“First off, try to recognize that America was never ‘great’ for anyone who wasn’t a white guy,” says another.

“Can we all just agree that ‘black lives matter’ isn’t the opposite of all lives matter? Black lives just matter, there’s no need to over complicate it,” says one woman. “Also, ‘blue lives matter isn’t a thing,” says another man.

“We all love Beyoncé,” a participant says, “And yeah, she’s black, so of course she cares about black issues. I’m talking to you, Fox News.” A woman responds, “Feel free to take Kanye West, though. You guys can have him.”

West met with President-Elect Donald Trump and mentioned at a concert that, even though he didn’t vote, he would have voted for the Republican.