The Electoral College Meets Monday To Vote For President

REUTERS/Rick Wilking /File Photo

Alex Pfeiffer White House Correspondent
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WASHINGTON — Members of the electoral college will convene Monday to vote for the next president and vice-president of the United States.

Donald Trump won the support of 306 electors on Nov 8, but liberal activists have been trying to convince enough electors to vote against their respective state’s wishes.

A Michigan elector told CNN Sunday that he has received death threats and Pennsylvania electors are getting police protection Monday.

There is just one public faithless Republican elector. Texas elector Chris Suprun has said he will ignore the election results in Texas and possibly vote for Ohio Gov. John Kasich. While Harvard professor Larry Lessig said Tuesday that up to 20 Republican electors are poised to vote for someone other than Trump. Politico reports that the GOP is confident all Trump electors will respect the state results expect Suprun.

An effort led by Clinton campaign chair John Podesta aimed to have the Office of the Director of National Intelligence inform electors about intelligence regarded Russian interference in the election. The DNI has rejected this request.

Most of the 538 electors will meet in their state capitols and 270 votes are required to become president or vice-president. The electors are chosen by their respective state parties. Twenty-nine states have laws tying their electors to their state vote and just 82 electors in history have voted for someone other than they were required to.

A poll sponsored by a liberal group released Sunday showed that 46 percent of people are willing to support faithless electors. And 52 percent said they supported a delay in the Electoral College vote until the electors can hear intelligence about Russian interference.

After the vote Monday, the results will be counted in the House chamber on Jan 6.