Putin, And Blaming Others: Dems Desperately Seek To Delegitimize Election

Ron Hart Contributor
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As Obama and fellow Democrat travelers in the media work down their checklist of excuses for being demolished in the election, Russian email leaking is the latest “dog who ate their homework.”

Liberals blame the messenger, not the message. But their policies will not work, and their party is corrupt. Instead, they blame the messengers of their defeat, those “racist” voters.

Their first excuse was also their campaign theme: to call Americans racist (a.k.a. “deplorable”). And, they concluded, if you did not want more of all things Obama with Hillary, then the only answer is that you are sexist. The Dems have more “-ist” words than Charlie Sheen has STDs. All 52 cards in their deck are the race card.

Then, after chiding Trump to accept the election results, the Dems lose “bigly.” They hypocritically orchestrate an expensive recount in Michigan and other Midwestern swing states. Whoops! Again not the results they wanted: Trump got even more votes, and massive voter fraud was discovered in (brace yourself) Detroit. Some Hillary votes were counted 6 times. A shocker, I know, after Obama told us there was no evidence of voter fraud in America — and he’s always right.

Then they cry about FBI investigating Hillary for crimes she committed. Next, Dems shamelessly threaten the Electoral College voters.

The left so wanted an historic first, a woman president. Why not assign an historic first to Trump? How about: He is the first man to win a six-month argument with a woman?

So this leaves us with Obama’s press conference, where he offers no proof but says Vladimir Putin influenced the election. Never mind that the purveyor of the WikiLeak-ed emails, Julian Assange, said, “Our source is not the Russian government.” Sadly, I trust Assange on this more than I do Obama. America should thank Assange and Project Veritas for providing the only transparent press coverage in this election.

Obama glibly asserted that “not much happens in Russia without Vladimir Putin.” Therefore, based on speculative and unsupported “facts,” Russia did it, so Putin did it. The fact is Russian cyber-attacks have been going on for years (ten on U.S. agencies since 2012), well before Trump declared his candidacy.

But someone (maybe from Obama’s IRS) illegally turned over Trump’s tax return losses. Then Access Hollywood illegally taped Trump making boorish remarks and made them public. No Obama investigation there.

The only proven election tampering was the DNC torpedoing Bernie Sanders. To recap, Bill Clinton goes down after Monica Lewinsky, Hillary gets retribution for dissin’ Anthony Weiner in her assistant’s divorce, and Hillary gets caught screwing over Bernie Sanders in the primaries. The Clintons learned a lot in Arkansas, but not the most valuable lesson taught in the Bible and in life: Never mess with the Jews.

Putin is Forbes Magazine’s most powerful person in the world, followed by Trump. Putin is sitting on his 95% Russian approval rating like it’s a New York rent-controlled apartment.

If Obama or Hillary had the relationship of respect with Putin that Trump has, they would have five more Nobel Prizes by now. Somehow, getting along with a world leader is suddenly a bad thing for libs. Working with Russia is something that could be good for the USA.  It certainly worked in WWII. Teaming up with Putin in a “good cop, bad cop” way to fight ISIS could be a good thing. We can no longer be the sole policeman for the world.

Hillary said the Trump/Putin relationship could lead to Trump doing “favors” for Russia. Unless a 200-pound Miss Russia wins the Miss Universe Pageant, I don’t buy it.

Yet, inexplicably, Obama buddies up with murderous Communist dictators, the brothers Castro of Cuba, and it’s the coolest thing he’s done since shooting basketball hoops with “at-risk kids.” They’ve already engraved his name on a Nobel Peace Prize for that one. Obama called his bro-mance Raul after Fidel died; it went on forever, with them giggling and finally ending it with, “You hang up first, no you hang up, no you…”

Dems dubiously attribute the hacking of the Gmail account of John Podesta to Russia because the FBI said a while back, “Bad actors have repeatedly tried to hack us.” “Bad actors” does not necessarily mean Russia; they could be Iran, China, Nicholas Cage, Barbra Streisand in The Little Fockers, or any of Miley Cyrus’ performances in Hannah Montana.

I’ve found a good slogan for Dems on my granddaughter’s romper: If at first you don’t succeed, cry, cry again.

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