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Stop Denying Reality, Says… Dan Rather

(REUTERS/Mark Blinch)

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Here’s an early Christmas present, friends: A lecture on the nature of reality, by the guy who blew up his career in TV news by defending some glaringly fake documents about George W. Bush’s National Guard service.

Yesterday, Dan Rather paused in his relentless, decade-long pursuit of Lucy Ramirez to post the following:

Well, if anybody knows anything about truth, it’s Dan Rather. Hell, that’s even the name of his movie that nobody saw!

Here’s what Dan’s babbling about this time:

A few years back, I traveled to the famed Northwest Passage, to report on how climate change might eventually melt the icy blockades which had thwarted explorers for centuries. Well “later” seems to have become much sooner than scientists expected.

And he links to the latest NYT scare story about globalchange climatewarming.

That’s the spirit, Dan. You’re still relevant. It’s not over yet.

Merry Christmas!

(Hat tip: Alex Griswold)