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Scarborough Blandly, Benevolently Accepts Van Susteren Into MSNBC Fold


Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Sources have informed The Mirror that ex-FNCer Greta Van Susteren is ending her three-month vacation from cable news and moving into the 6 p.m. time slot over at MSNBC.

When asked how he felt about it, MSNBC “Morning Joe” cohost Joe Scarborough seemed to think Van Susteren’s legal expertise fits the bill. He wasn’t doing somersaults, but he was amicable about it.

Van Susteren resigned from Fox News in September after 14 years at the network.

“Hey. I’m not sure the Greta deal has been confirmed, but she would certainly fill the role of a legal host that the network hasn’t had on a full time show since Dan Abrams left,” Scarborough told The Mirror by email.

Abrams, who created Mediaite and has a lovely head of hair, is the chief legal affairs anchor for ABC News.

Later in the email, he added,  “I think everyone in our business deserves a break after this crazy year!”