Scott Brown Started His On-Air Fire Bombing Of John Kerry Saying, ‘With All Due Respect,’ So It’s Alllll Goooood [VIDEO]

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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Scott Brown issued a blistering rebuttal to John Kerry’s Israel speech during a Wednesday evening interview on Fox Business.

Scott Brown (Getty Images)

Scott Brown (Getty Images)

Kerry stated Wednesday afternoon that President Obama has been the biggest ally to Israel in United States history, prompting the former Massachusetts Senator to explain that no one gives two turds about anything John Kerry says anymore. (VIDEO: Kerry Tells Israel To Pick Being Democratic Or Jewish)


“I’ve never seen John Kerry so fired up about anything,” Brown noted. “Now he’s all fired up about Israel.

“With all due respect, no one cares what he says especially with so many, so few days left with this administration.”

John Kerry (Getty Images)

John Kerry (Getty Images)

“What they did, I think, was completely inappropriate,” he continued. “Israel is our dearest and most reliable ally in the region, and to actually go in and throw them under the bus, with all due respect, I don’t think it’s only harmful now but moving forward.” (VIDEO: Kerry — ‘No American Administration Has Done More For Israel’s Security Than Barack Obama’)

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