Milo Yiannopoulous’s Book Surges To #1 On Amazon Thanks To Liberal Backlash

Chuck Ross Investigative Reporter
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A liberal freakout over Simon & Schuster’s book deal with Milo Yiannopoulos has helped boost the gay British conservative’s forthcoming autobiography to #1 on’s best seller list, he tells The Daily Caller.

“This book is a hit because they made it one,” Yiannopoulos tells TheDC of liberals’ response to his book contract, which was announced Thursday. “They didn’t see it coming for the same reason they didn’t see Trump’s election coming: they don’t know their own country.”

The book, entitled “Dangerous,” will hit shelves on March 17. The book started Friday in second place on Amazon’s best seller list, but the 320-page work surged to #1 later in the day. (RELATED: Liberals Are Losing Their Minds Over Milo Yiannopoulos’s Book Deal)

The news of Yiannopoulos’s book deal, which is said to come with a $250,000 advance, riled up many liberals, activists and authors when it was announced on Thursday.

Amazon best seller list, Dec. 30, 2016.

Amazon best seller list, Dec. 30, 2016.

Some encouraged a boycott of Simon & Schuster. The Chicago Review of Books signaled its virtue to other liberals by announcing it will not review any of the publisher’s titles in 2017.

Carolyn Kellogg, the book editor at the Los Angeles Times, blasted the announcement, calling Yiannopoulos a “troll” who promotes “racist, sexist views.” Judd Legum, an editor at the liberal Think Progress, labeled Yiannopoulos a “white supremacist.” Others called him a “neo-Nazi.”

But all of that mass outrage drew attention to the book and has helped chart its quick climb up the Amazon best seller list, says Yiannopoulos.

“The media, or as I like to call it ‘MILO’s volunteer marketing army,’ just can’t resist a dollop of the dangerous faggot,” he added, referring to the title of his college campus speaking tour, “The Dangerous Faggot Tour.”

Yiannopoulos, who is an editor at Breitbart News, predicted that the book would soon reach Amazon’s top spot.

“I’m sure #1 is just around the corner,” he said when the autobiography was still at #2 on the list, just behind the autobiography of Carrie Fisher.

Yiannopoulos also weighed in on his book’s early success and the negative response to it on the Left on Facebook.

“They know they’re liars and they’re embarrassed that they failed to kill the book (and in fact probably helped it) so they’ve suddenly gone quiet. Total sleaze-bags,” he wrote.

He also blasted those accusing him of being a white supremacist.

“When you waste that term, and ‘white supremacist,’ and ‘anti-Semite,’ on people like me, who obviously aren’t any of those things, you leave yourself with nothing to call the actual bad guys,” Yiannopoulos wrote.

This article was updated to reflect that “Dangerous” moved from #2 to #1 on Amazon’s best seller list.

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