Charlie Sheen Offers America The Most Insane Ticket To Take Down Trump

Charlie Sheen Getty Images Entertainment

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Charlie Sheen — “Actor, Producer, #Winner” — tweeted late on Friday afternoon to inform Republican Sen. Ted Cruz and, in fact, all of America that he believes a Sheen-Cruz presidential ticket could defeat Donald Trump in 2020.

Sheen’s tweet about a Sheen-Cruz ticket — which would be America’s first to feature two candidates of Hispanic heritage — has drawn quite a bit of attention.

Ted Cruz himself responded:

Responses from a smattering of Twitter users has been pretty funny. For example:

Some people love the idea of Sheen and Cruz taking Trump down.

Other Twitter users are more skeptical of a Sheen-Cruz presidential run.

And, finally, some Twitter users — most of them, really — are showing why Twitter is generally a bizarre and crazy cesspool of venom that is best avoided at all costs.

On Thursday, Sheen asked God to intervene directly in U.S. political affairs by killing Trump.

Sheen’s Thursday tweet was notably crass in light of the spate of celebrity deaths which has befallen the end of 2016.

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