Former CIA Director: Possible More Than One Country Behind Hacking [VIDEO]

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James Woolsey, former CIA director under President Bill Clinton, believes the Russians are “probably” behind some of the hacking of Democratic Party officials, but thinks that more than one country may ultimately be involved.


Appearing on CNN’s “New Day” on Tuesday, Woolsey said, “This is not an organized operation that is hacking into a target. It’s not like taking a number at a bakery and standing in line to politely get your dozen cookies that you want to buy. It’s more like of a bunch of jackals at the carcass of an antelope.”

“Is it Russian? Probably some. Is it Chinese and Iranian? Maybe. Who knows? Somebody may be getting more information about it. We may find out more from Mr. trump coming up today and we may find out more from people in the intelligence community, but it shouldn’t be portrayed as one guilty party. It’s much more complicated than that.”

He later added, “I think the possibility that more than one country was involved is really there, and I don’t think people ought to say they know for sure that there’s only one.”

Despite being a lifelong Democrat, he joined Donald Trump’s campaign as a senior adviser in September.

He served as CIA director under Bill Clinton from 1993 to 1995.

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