Be Strangely Mesmerized By This YUGE Spool Of Wire Rolling Down A Highway [VIDEO]

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Here is a giant wooden spool of wire rolling rapidly, fairly terrifyingly down a highway — and veering every which way until finally tumbling to a slow, thudding stop.


The unusual drama unfolded on Wednesday morning at around 9 a.m. on a highway near Uniontown, Pennsylvania.

The quick-thinking, steady-filming man responsible for the video is Dave Cole.

“I’ve never seen nothing like that,” Cole told CBS Pittsburgh. “Seen quite a few accidents, but nothing quite like that.”

“I’d say, just guessing, a couple thousand pounds,” Cole added. “Pretty good size roll of wire.”

In the video, the spool makes its way past four slowly swerving cars, hits the guard rail, hits the median — and nearly bounds over it — and then hits the guard rail again before at last ending its uncertain journey.

Cole said a truck with a trailer in front of him appeared to be responsible for losing the spool.

“Make sure your load is secured,” Cole advised. “Obviously, they didn’t have the right equipment there.”

“Luckily, everybody was okay, but it was pretty crazy.”

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