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Here’s Another One For All You Celebrities. Celebrities. CELEBRITIES.

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Okay, guys, I’m just throwing this out there: A parody video mocking all the parody videos making fun of celebrity videos. Somebody get on that.

Red Eye did a great parody of that tedious junk earlier this week, and now Mary Katharine Ham and the folks at The Federalist and TownHall.com have done another:

This treacly, preachy crap is too easy to lampoon by now. Celebrities need to shake things up. Mess with the formula. The next time a bunch of famous people make a video about politics, instead of the usual mournful piano music, how about blasting some Cannibal Corpse? Why not teach Martin Sheen how to ride a unicycle while juggling? Couldn’t they put Key (or Peele, or whoever) in one of those funny costumes from that hilarious show you’ve heard good things about? Sing. Dance. Throw paint at the wall. Something.

Scolding us doesn’t work anymore, celebs. To be honest, it never really did. You need to make it enjoyable for us. Make it interesting!

Or don’t. Keep losing. Keep whining. Schadenfreude can be fun too.