Obama Thanks Frequently-Wrong Liberal Site For Its Obamacare Coverage


Peter Hasson Senior Reporter
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President Barack Obama repeatedly praised ultra-liberal website Vox.com Friday for the site’s coverage of Obamacare, which frequently touted the bill as a smashing success.

The president began an interview with Vox writers Ezra Klein and Sarah Kliff by saying “thank you so much for all the good reporting you guys have been doing on this important issue.”

Vox is infamous for frequently butchering the facts of whatever the site is trying to explain to its readers.

The site’s coverage of Obamacare included headlines like “8 ways Obamacare has proved its critics wrong,” “7 predicted Obamacare disasters that never happened” and “The Obamacare train keeps not wrecking.”

Obama later said that “it’s hard to get good information” about Obamacare “unless you’re reading Vox every day.” (RELATED: Five Times Vox Encouraged Rioting)

Near the end of the interview, Obama praised Vox as the shining star in the media’s coverage of Obamacare.

“My final piece of advice would be to the news media, which is, generally speaking, when Obamacare has worked well it wasn’t attributed to Obamacare, and when there were problems they got front-page headlines. And I think that, hopefully, now is a time where people can be a little — this doesn’t apply to Vox, by the way,” the president said.

“But I think it would be a good time for people to be a little more measured and take a look at what are the facts of this thing. Because the stakes are high.” (RELATED: Vox Editor Who Advocated For Inciting Riots At Trump Rallies Got A Paid Week Off)

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