Try Not To Feel Old: The iPhone Just Turned 10

Eric Lieberman | Deputy Editor

Apple published a blog post Sunday commemorating the 10th anniversary of the original iPhone. It was introduced to the public by the late Steve Jobs Jan. 9, 2007.

“In the ten years since, iPhone has enriched the lives of people around the world with over one billion units sold,” the press release reads. “It quickly grew into a revolutionary platform for hardware, software and services integration, and inspired new products, including iPad and Apple Watch, along with millions of apps that have become essential to people’s daily lives.”

The official post directly quotes Jobs’ original lecture of the product at Macworld. (RELATED: Everyone Should Read This Outrageous Description Apple Gave Its Shiny New Product: A $300 Picture Book)

“A widescreen iPod with touch controls, a revolutionary mobile phone and a breakthrough internet communications device,” Jobs said at the time, declaring that the iPhone is actually three innovative products in one.

“This is a day, I’ve been looking forward to for two and a half years,” Jobs explained. “One’s very fortunate if you get to work on just one of these in your career. Apple’s been very fortunate; it’s been able to introduce a few of these in the world,” Jobs continued, referencing the introduction of the Macintosh computer in 1984, and the iPod in 2001.

(The complete version of the iPhone introduction is available here)

Apple CEO Tim Cook, who took over for Jobs after he resigned, also stressed how important the iPhone has been not only for technology, but everyday life. (RELATED: Apple CEO Sends Consoling Letter To All Employees After Trump Win)

“iPhone is an essential part of our customers’ lives, and today more than ever it is redefining the way we communicate, entertain, work and live,” Cook said, according to the press release. “iPhone set the standard for mobile computing in its first decade and we are just getting started. The best is yet to come.”

The tech conglomerate reported in October its first annual revenue decline in 15 years.

Apple maintained its top spot in the market for smartphones this past Christmas season, but sales were weaker than previous years. It is still the most valuable company in the world with iPhone sales being a major contributing factor.

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