BuzzFeed Editors Cry During Obama’s Speech After Publishing Unverified Allegations Against Trump


Alex Pfeiffer White House Correspondent

BuzzFeed editors tweeted that they were crying as President Barack Obama delivered his farewell address. This came just a few hours after the site published an unverified report by an alleged former British spy claiming President-elect Donald Trump performed lewd acts with Russian prostitutes.

Buzzfeed (Shutterstock)

Buzzfeed (Shutterstock)

The site’s official Twitter account even posted a picture of Obama wiping away a tear and commented “same.” (RELATED: BuzzFeed Just Published Unverified Claims Of Trump And Russian Hookers)

Twitter screenshot

Twitter screenshot

“Will I ever stop crying,” BuzzFeed senior editor Lara Parker tweeted.

Tanya Chen, an editor at the outlet, tweeted, “I’m crine[sic].” Chen later added, “This is the saddest series finale ever shown on television.” (RELATED: Here Are The Mainstream Reporters Who Are Open About Their Anti-Trump Bias)

Another editor, Elamin Abdelmahmoud, wrote, “Aaaaand tears” during the address.

Jessica Lima, a BuzzFeed Spanish editor, tweeted, “Yup, I’m crying and I can’t stop.”

The site’s executive editor Saeed Jones said that he hadn’t cried as much as he did during the tour since Beyonce’s recent tour.