L.L. Bean Boycotted By Activists For Allegedly Supporting Donald Trump

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L.L. Bean was founded by Leon Leonwood Bean in 1912. Over 100 years later, the Maine outdoor clothing brand has become one of the most iconic in America, known especially for its famous “bean boots.” Since the beginning, L.L. Bean has remained a family company, a fact that left-wing activists have now discovered to be quite upsetting.

Linda Bean, the granddaughter of the eponymous L.L. Bean (and company board member), donated $60,000 to the Making America Great Again LLC to support Donald Trump in the recent presidential election. In response, online liberals have launched a “Grab Your Wallet” campaign urging would-be buyers to boycott the historic company. Like most so-called “activism” of its kind, this action takes place largely on Twitter, with the hashtag #GrabYourWallet:

In case you’re wondering – after all, snowfall season is just about here – this is what a bean boot looks like:

Bean Boots had been very popular (Photo via Amazon)

Bean Boots had been very popular (Photo via Amazon)

Women’s Bean Boots 8-inch tall, Tan/Brown, Size 6 M — $209


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