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Help BuzzFeed Pick A New T-Shirt Slogan! [POLL]

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BuzzFeed has been having a pretty bad day. First they put out a story about Trump and some Russian hookers engaging in water sports, and it turned out to be a bunch of nonsense. Then Trump yelled at them in front of everybody. It’s enough to make any ’90s kid down in the dumps! [insert Arthur cartoon GIF here]

But at least they got a good t-shirt idea out of it. Before you could say, “Complete failure of journalistic ethics,” they’d taken Trump’s insult and slapped it on a t-shirt:


For only $30, you can tell the world just how deeply in denial you really are about this whole Trump thing.

BuzzFeed’s credibility is shot, assuming it had any to begin with, but maybe they can make up the difference in t-shirt sales. Let’s help ’em out. Take this poll!

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Jim Treacher