Former Defense Sec: ‘Mattis’ Nickname Is Mad Dog — It Should Be Braveheart’ [VIDEO]

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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Former Defense Secretary William Cohen offered his full-fledged support for Donald Trump’s defense secretary nominee, Gen. James Mattis, during his Senate confirmation hearing on Thursday.

Gen. James Mattis (Getty Images)

Gen. James Mattis (Getty Images)

Bill Clinton’s former defense secretary opened by noting that though Mattis is a “warrior by nature,” his nickname of “Mad Dog, [is] a misnomer.”

“It should be ‘Braveheart,'” Cohen continued. “Because what really characterizes Jim Mattis is his courage.”


Cohen added that they would not be considering Mattis’ nomination, however, “if he were only a great warrior.”

Gen. James Mattis (Getty Images)

Gen. James Mattis (Getty Images)

“He comes because he’s a man of thought as well as action. and sometimes it’s said you can judge people by the friends he makes, the company he keeps. but also by the books he reads.”

“He is a scholar, a strategic thinker as well as a great warrior.

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