The Tedious Russian Hacking Lie Recycled

Roger Stone Political Consultant
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This is like deja vu. A simple click on Twitter will reveal that a veritable army of bots and zombies continue to promulgate the lie that “Roger Stone knew” in advance about the WikiLeaks disclosures and specifically the hacking of John Podesta’s email.

The persistent insistence that I knew of Russian assistance to Assange and advised Trump of it is a lie. Roger Stone, Paul Manafort, and Donald Trump were working for the Russians? Please. It’s tedious and no evidence in the possession of our vaunted Intelligence Agencies proves this.

The claim by John Podesta that my tweets somehow proved that I had advance knowledge of the WikiLeaks hacking of his email account and that I had specific prior knowledge of the subject matter of WikiLeaks’s ultimate disclosures, is an example of claiming 2+2=6.

My specific tweet on August 16th, 2016 saying “Podesta’s time in the barrel will come soon enough.” needs to be seen in context. I posted this at a time that Podesta and his allies were savaging Paul Manafort with a series of leaks and false claims regarding his business activities in Ukraine. I knew from my own research that Podesta had been involved in money laundering for the Clinton Foundation and the Russian Mob. My tweet is a specific reference to an article I posted online on Stone Cold Truth.com on October 13th. It’s important to note that none of the information regarding Podesta’s activities in this article comes from WikiLeaks in their subsequent releases. The two are not connected.

I candidly admitted that Julian Assange and I shared a mutual friend who told me that Assange was in possession of “unspecific political dynamite” that would “adversely effect the Clinton campaign.” The claim that I knew the specific subject matter of the subsequent WikiLeaks disclosures or that I had special knowledge of the timing of these disclosures is false. In fact, Assange had already said on the record that he had information that was potentially politically damaging for Hillary Clinton.

Therefore the entire theme that “Stone knew” repeated by Podesta on CNN before the election (again with CNN affording me no opportunity to respond) and recycled by Podesta and the Clintonistas after the election in the fake news Washington Post and amplified by CNN, was as false after the election as it was before.

In fact, the entire “Russians hacked the election” media frenzy led by CNN and the New York Times was and is a false narrative. A close examination of the Intelligence services heads’ testimony before Senator John McCain’s Armed Services Committee show that the CIA’s claim that Putin had personally directed an effort to hack and influence the American election was based on an “assessment” of the agency and that members of the Senate Intelligence Committee had been “briefed” meaning that no one had yet seen actual evidence of the claimed Russian hacking.

Referring to the so-called “Special Report ” prepared by the Intelligence services On January 7th, 2017 the New York Post reported:

No evidence was presented to back up that conclusion, with officials saying that information had to remain secret.

“This document’s conclusions are identical to the highly classified assessment, but this document does not include the full supporting information, including specific intelligence on key elements of the influence campaign,” the report said.

That Obama’s CIA Director John Brennan, who refused to be sworn into office with a Bible, insists that there is no link between Islam and terrorism and has a long documented history of activism in the US Communist Party “predicted” the Russian hacking before the election and insists it happened now gives one little comfort. This creep is likely a Saudi mole.He’s the progenitor of this report without proof.

More likely there are no attachments because they don’t exist. The FBI wasting the President’s time now with a clearly fabricated memo accusing Trump of sexual impropriety supposedly while visiting Moscow that was allegedly written by a British Secret Agent with zero documentation shows the depths they will descend to use the official status of their agencies to smear Trump. 007 should learn how to spell, by the way.

The increasingly demented John McCain’s role moving this piece of poison by obtaining it and passing onto the deeply compromised FBI Director James Comey is beneath contempt. I would tell Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell that either the Senate Republicans censure McCain or Trump will withdraw the appointment of Mrs. Mitch McConnell to be Secretary of Transportation , a stupid appointment anyway given that she was the longest-serving member of the failed Bush cabinet who has prospered in the swamp.